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How to Recover a Damaged Relationship Here Are 14 Things You Should Do

You’ve probably heard it a million times. Yes, even the strongest relationships can face challenges at times. Establishing a happy, healthy and trusting relationship takes effort and time. First of all, we must accept that the problems we experience are a part of our life and relationship. At this point, the important thing is to realize the problems and try to fix them. You may be trying to maintain a long distance relationship that has lost its excitement or is stuck in a routine. So, is it possible to repair a damaged relationship where problems grow like a snowball? Here are 14 suggestions that will make you review your bad relationship and can be a solution…

1. Take full responsibility if you are wrong

Accepting as well as knowing that you are wrong in a relationship is a great virtue. If trust is broken in a relationship, a big crack will occur. It can be painful and difficult to come to terms with. But postponing problems means nothing in the long run. If there has been infidelity or trust has been broken during the relationship process, it’s important to take responsibility for what happened and understand how your behavior is hurting your partner. In this case, you should try to admit your mistake rather than get defensive or avoid your mistake. To rebuild the trust you lost, you must approach your partner with love. You should not avoid taking responsibility and you should stay away from accusatory attitudes. Thus, you can take a healthy step to repair your damaged relationship.

2. Be transparent


Be transparent about your feelings. Remember, one of the most important steps in saving a damaged relationship is to be transparent. Try to express your feelings openly without hiding or inflating them. If you are the trust-breaking party, explain yourself to the other party without judgment. Of course, first of all, be honest with yourself and take care not to abuse the goodwill of the other party.

3. Get professional help

Broken trust can be so serious that it hurts everyone in the relationship. If it will be difficult for you to explain and correct this situation, you may consider getting help from a specialist in relationships. Professional help can be a good step towards improving your relationship. At this point, you can choose the most suitable therapist for you and you can easily talk about your problems in couple therapy.

4. Visit each other if you are in a long distance relationship

If you’re experiencing a breakup when you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s time to see each other physically. Being physically apart often can be challenging for a relationship. It takes extra effort on both sides to keep the romance alive. Manage your expectations and schedule a face-to-face meeting with your partner as soon as possible. Expectations are also very important in long distance relationships.

Being honest and open about your expectations from the start will prevent things from going wrong later on. Regularly planned visits are important for the progress of the relationship, as the couples know and plan the visits. Because partners look forward to those planned times and aim to make them special. Moreover, research shows that long-distance relationships in which partners plan to reunite are much less stressful and more fulfilling.

5. If you live together, learn to compromise


The same is true of the dynamics of all relationships. Dynamics of give and take. Even if you live together, you can try to adapt to the other person’s needs and preferences without compromising your own boundaries. In this way, both parties can have their own space of freedom. Allow each other personal times and spaces and adapt to it.

6. Spend time with your friends outside of your relationship

One of the ways to repair a damaged relationship may be to give each other some time. Spending time with your friends during this time will have a powerful effect on your mental health. Try to strengthen your personal identity. Remember, being blindly attached to your partner and not having a life outside of your relationship is dangerous. Let us remind you that if you accept this, you will have laid the foundations of an unhealthy relationship.

7. Make loving physical contact

Simple physical contacts keep the relationship alive and help repair it. For example, holding hands or hugging helps you release the hormone oxytocin, which can reduce stress and improve your mood. If you’re not on good terms with your partner right now and are afraid to express it, loving physical contact can help. You can start with small steps. Just putting your hand on his hand can help you show that you still care about him.

8. Schedule online meetups


Take the time to schedule online meetups in long distance relationships. If there is a serious distance between you or you cannot spend the planned time together due to economic conditions, online meetings are just for you! However, we recommend that you set aside the topics you always talk about in these meetings. Be a little creative! For example, cook together, watch movies together while video chat is on, play a virtual game and even read short stories to each other in turn. Believe me, it will be a very refreshing step for a damaged relationship.

9. Stay away from romance addiction!

Deep intimacy with your partner may not always be based on romantic expression. You need to differentiate this well. If you do not have a satisfying and meaningful connection, we recommend that you stay away from unrealistic romance addiction. Sure, everyone wants to be off their feet from time to time, but it’s important that you truly respect your partner and display a realistic romance.

10. Try communicating after a big fight

Picking up the pieces can become impossible after a big fight. At this point, we can suggest some techniques so that you can move forward in a healthy way. Use honest and open communication as a first step. Once your anger has passed, provide a space for both parties to speak up. Remember, both parties should be able to express their point of view freely and without judgment. This point is very important to repair a damaged relationship.

11. Try talking to your heart


In order for your partner to truly hear you, it’s important to convey what you really feel beyond all the tension. So you have to reach your partner with a real voice from the heart. For example, “You did this, you’re the only reason we didn’t get this way!” Avoid accusatory statements such as: Instead, aim for a sentence like, “I feel this way when it happens and you can do these things to reassure me or prevent things like this from happening in the future.” Remember, every inner voice will reach the right channel and repair the broken places one by one.

12. Really listen to your partner

Perhaps the most important way to repair damaged relationships is to truly listen to the other person. If you find yourself trying to disprove your partner while your partner is talking, you’re not really listening. “Winning” an argument is never really winning. Especially in bilateral relations, there is no such thing as a winner, only one side will be more injured. Even if you feel like you’ve won in the beginning, you can lose a lot in the long run. Therefore, it is important to establish a healthy listening model in bilateral relations.

13. Say what you don’t feel

In a damaged relationship, you may need to be honest about what you don’t feel as well as what you feel. You can take note of the feelings you have and did not feel towards your partner in a relationship. Thus, you will be able to easily analyze your feelings and how the relationship is progressing. Plan activities that you can do together when you feel distant from each other and observe how much you enjoy it. Most likely, the time you spend together will make it clear to you what you feel and what you don’t.

14. Is your last relationship worth saving? Think well!


We’ve listed ways to repair a damaged relationship. But lastly, we will ask you to pose the following question to yourself and answer it honestly. “Is your relationship worth saving, repairing?” Yes, it’s a difficult one, but it will definitely allow you to reach an answer that will save you from uncertainty. Ultimately, you need to evaluate whether it was worth the effort required to recover the relationship from a rock bottom. It’s important to make sure that you and your partner are committed to rescuing what’s broken. If you are the only one willing to repair the relationship, reconciliation is probably unlikely. However, any physical, verbal or emotional step will hurt the relationship. Let’s remember that toxic manifestations in relationships can be quite subtle and hidden. If your relationship is hanging by a thread and feelings are fading over time, maybe there is no relationship worth saving. We recommend that you do not delay making this decision.

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