How Have Inventions That Made Our Daily Lives Easier Changed Over The Years?

How Have Inventions That Made Our Daily Lives Easier Changed Over The Years?

Without some inventions, our daily life would undoubtedly be much more difficult. Innovations that have entered our lives in various periods of history have brought the world to a very different place. But inventions looked quite different when they were first introduced to humans. We’ve explored for you how some of the key inventions, from headphones to hair dryers, have changed over the years. Here are the inventions and changes that changed our lives…

1. Hair dryer


The hair dryer is among the most famous inventions that make women’s lives easier. The first hairdryer was invented in 1890 by French stylist Alexander Godefroy. Godefroy used this device in his own hair salon. The dryer was connected to the flue pipe of a gas stove. It was also very large and stable. For this reason, these devices could only be used in the places where they were installed.

2. menstrual tampons


Women have been using tampons for thousands of years. In Papyrus Ebers, the oldest medical document, soft papyrus tampons date back to BC. It says it was invented by Egyptian women in the 15th century. It is known that Roman women used wool tampons and Japanese women used paper tampons.

3. Mouse


Ralph Benjamin invented the mouse in 1946 as part of a fire control radar system. Then he set to work on a more elegant design and made the “roller ball”. However, even that elegant design was very difficult to use.

4. Headphones


Hands-free earplugs have several predecessors. One of them was made in 1890 by the British company Electrophone. These headphones allowed people to listen to theaters and operas in London at home. In-ear headphones were invented in 1891. French engineer Ernest Mercadier made this revolutionary invention.

5. Refrigerator


The earliest refrigerators originated in Ancient Iran. These cabinets were used in underground storage areas and were called yakhchals. Yakchals had thick walls and were equipped with wind traps. The history of artificial cooling began with Scottish professor William Cullen, who designed a small cooling machine in 1755.

6. Portable watches

The world’s first clock was made in 1505 by Peter Henlein of Nuremberg. Let’s also mention that the clock is still working. This device made of copper was quite small and spherical in shape.

7. Hair clipper

Manual hair clippers were invented in 1850 by Serbian barber Nikola Bizumic. Some barbers in Western countries still use this machine to straighten hair.

8. Television

Television is one of the first devices that come to mind when we think of famous inventions. In the early 19th century, images could be scanned mechanically. For example, Alexander Bain introduced the copier in 1843. The earliest version of television was invented by German physicist Ferdinand Braun in 1897. This invention was known back then as the Braun tube.

9. Portable music player

The world’s first portable music player models were developed in 1955. In order to run these devices, batteries were used as a power source. By 1960, portable record players were quite popular. Afterwards, walkman and discmans started to be used.

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