Evidence of the Largest Earthquake in History Reached

Evidence of the Largest Earthquake in History Reached

Archaeologists have found evidence of the largest earthquake in human history. According to a new scientific study, 3,800 years ago, the earthquake, which was caused by the breaking of a tectonic plate, had a magnitude of 9.5. The mega earthquake that occurred in today’s northern Chile also caused a tsunami of 8 thousand kilometers. Scientists think that after this earthquake, people stayed away from shorelines for about a thousand years. Let’s look at the details together.

The 9.5 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile in 1960 was considered the largest earthquake ever detected.


6 thousand people died due to the earthquake (Valdivia) that occurred in the south of Chile. The break in this earthquake was determined as about 800 kilometers.

But a new study published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Science Advances revealed that an earthquake that occurred 3,800 years ago was much more severe.

The epicenter of this earthquake was Chile. However, according to the findings of the research, the rupture caused by the earthquake in question was about a thousand kilometers. For this reason, the newly discovered mega earthquake was recorded as the biggest earthquake in history.

According to scientists, giant waves at a height of 20 meters formed after the earthquake and the waves reached New Zealand. At the same time, the earthquake is thought to have hurled automobile-sized boulders out of the sea into the interior.

Like the Valdivia earthquake, this newly discovered earthquake is called the “mega-thrust” tremor.


“Mega-thrust” tremors occur when one of the Earth’s tectonic plates is forced under another plate. Evidence of the earthquake that took place 3,800 years ago emerged when rocks, seashells and fossils that are normally typical of coastal regions were found in the interior. Fossils of many living things have been found in the ruins found in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Radiocarbon dating method was used to understand what happened that threw these remains out of the sea to such distant regions. Upon this, it was determined that all the remains that were thrown into the interior were approximately 3,800 years old. Archaeological remains show that there was a great social upheaval after the earthquake that day.

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