Essie Dunbar: Öldü Sanılarak Gömülmesine Rağmen 40 Yıl Daha Yaşayan Kadın

Essie Dunbar Lives 40 More Years Despite Being Buried Assumed Dead

One of the most precious things we have as human beings is our life. Sometimes the responsibilities and social norms we take on can cause us to forget this fact. Even the simplest mistakes can cost our lives and the lives of those around us. These rules also apply to Essie Dunbar, who is considered one of the luckiest people ever. We have searched for you this lucky woman who clings to life despite being buried as if she were dead. Here is Essie Dunbar with her hair-raising story…

Essie Dunbar was just 30 years old when the calendars showed 1915.

Essie Dunbar

He had a severe epileptic attack, and Dr. Briggs declared the young woman dead after finding no signs of life.

His body was placed in a wooden coffin and the time for the burial was set

At that time, funerals were done very quickly because no great preparation was required. The ceremony was set to be held at 10 a.m. the next day. Dunbar’s sister lived in the neighboring town and was informed at the last minute of both her sister’s death and the funeral.

The ceremony took longer than expected

Three preachers performed one by one, after which the coffin was buried 2 meters deep. Minutes later, Dunbar’s sister arrived and begged the preachers to see her sister one last time. After thinking for a while, they decided to unearth the coffin again.

Essie Dunbar was smiling when the lid of the coffin was opened.

Essie Dunbar

Dunbar was indeed alive and would have been buried alive had it not been for his sister. When the young woman was exhumed, everyone looked at her with suspicion. They thought he was some kind of zombie.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find detailed sources on what happened.

Essie Dunbar

However, we can say that Essie Dunbar emerged from her sealed coffin and continued to work in the field as if nothing had happened. She even outlived the doctor who announced her death. Since then, this interesting story has appeared in various magazines and newspapers around the world. Thus, Essie Dunbar became a well-known name in the community. She died of natural causes in 1955, when she was 70 years old.

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