Easy and Delicious Meatball Recipes You Have Never Tried Before

Meatballs are one of the most popular meals especially enjoyed by children. Turkish cuisine is extremely rich in meatballs. We can say that almost every region has its own meatball recipe. In this list, you can see both easy and delicious types of meatballs that you have probably never tried before.

One of the types of meatballs whose taste goes beyond the borders of the country is Cyprus meatball. The most important feature of this meatball, which those who go to Cyprus never leave the country without eating, is the addition of potatoes to it. Although there are no potatoes in many meatball recipes, the indispensable part of Cyprus meatballs is potatoes. What would you like to try?

Something you’ve never tried before meatball recipe If you want to reach the restaurant, immediately change your route to Hasanpaşa meatballs on We admit that it is a bit difficult to prepare this meatball, which those who try it once cannot give up again. However, it should be noted that it is a meatball that amazes everyone with its taste. Best of all, visit and have a look at the ingredients list and its preparation.

Although it is very different from the classic meatball flavor, served with yogurt, it is one of the flavors we recommend you to try, which also managed to get great acclaim. Especially when you invite your guests to dinner, you can easily choose this meatball as the main course. Not to mention that it doesn’t require extra effort for presentation… A recipe? At!

  • Baked Meatballs with Pastry

You’ve probably heard the name for the first time. But now you have discovered this unique taste. Although the oven-baked pastry meatball gets its name from its similarity to pastry, its taste is of course the same as the meatball flavor! Because it is baked in the oven, it has a milder flavor than those fried in oil. For this reason, you can also choose it for iftar meals during Ramadan.

If you think that the appearance of food varieties should whet your appetite, this recipe is for you! Cage meatball is one of the dishes that attracts with its extraordinary appearance, but requires a little more effort in the kitchen. Although you have to work separately for the topping and separately for the meatballs, you can easily make this dish once you get used to it, that is, after a few tries. Visit for recipes!

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