11 Amazing Facts About Scotland You Should Know

Scotland; It is a fascinating place with its history, legendary stories, excellent nature, islands, delicious food and drinks. So much so that it has managed to impress both locals and tourists with all its beauties and differences. For this very reason, we have told you a lot of information such as where is the capital of Scotland, what the Scots are famous for, how life is in Scotland and what are the places to see in Scotland.

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1. The origin of the Scots


The indigenous people of present-day Scotland are descended from three Celtic tribes: the Picts, Welsh and Bretons. From 700 to 1000 BC, mostly Gaelic was common in Scotland. During this period, their English and French speaking neighbors called the area “Scotland”, “the land of the Gaels”. In addition, the Germanic languages ​​English and Norse were also spoken in the region. From 1200 to 1500, English gradually dominated the lower parts of Scotland between Galloway and the Highland, and from 1500, Scotland was divided into two groups according to languages: Gaelic speakers are known as “Highlanders”, and Scottish speakers are known as “Lowlanders”. Today, immigrants have brought other languages, but as English is spoken fluently in modern Scotland, expressions such as “Highlander” and “Lowlander” have begun to lose their meaning.

If you are wondering who the ancestors of the Scots are, the ancestors of the Scots are Celts. The Celts are a people of six nations that lived in Europe during the prehistoric and Antiquity periods. About four thousand years ago, the Celts migrated from their homeland of Central Europe and settled mainly in the Great British Isles, Spain and Gaul.

2. Life in Scotland


Living conditions in Scotland are quite good. When it comes to living conditions, the first thing that comes to mind is the economy and the economy of the country is in a good enough condition to offer a good life to its citizens. The currency of Scotland is the British pound. Finding a job in the country is quite easy, with many different job opportunities especially for foreigners in Scotland’s major cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow. Scottish people are hospitable, friendly and helpful towards tourists and foreigners who come to work in Scotland. In addition, education conditions and the health sector are very good in Scotland.

Speaking of life in Scotland, the nature and culture of the country cannot be overlooked. The country has many enchanting castles and chateaus, such as Edinburgh Castle. Also, Scotland’s islands and lakes are definitely worth a visit.

3. The people of Scotland


Scottish people are famous around the world for their incredible warmth and unrivaled hospitality. The Scots are very helpful and love to make others feel at home. If you go to Scotland, it is inevitable that you will meet friendly and helpful people in many places. When you ask for directions, buy something from a shop, or dine at a restaurant, you will always meet smiling and friendly people. You will even see that they want to help you before you even ask for help.

4. Scotch whiskey and gin


We all know Scotland is famous for its whiskey, but they’re also pretty good at producing gin. Between 70% and 80% of UK gin products are produced in Scotland. So if you happen to be in Scotland, don’t just drink Scotch whiskey, give Scotch gin a chance.

5. Islands and lakes in Scotland


Probably the most famous Scottish island is Skye. However, there are 790 islands in Scotland, 130 of which are inhabited. Scotland’s most famous and busiest islands include islands such as Lewis and Harris, Mainland Shetland and Mainland Orkney, while only a handful of people live on some Scottish islands.

In addition to the islands, the lakes in the country also attract a lot of attention. In particular, Loch Ness, where a mysterious monster is said to be lurking deep in the water, is the most famous lake in the country.

6. Languages ​​spoken in the country

The English

The official languages ​​of Scotland are English, Welsh, Scots and English sign language. However, in addition to these, 170 different languages ​​are spoken in the country. So Scotland is home to many different cultures.

7. Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland


Scotland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. The Scottish mainland occupies the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

Edinburgh, which is over 1300 years old and built on seven hills like Rome and Istanbul, is a city full of culture and history. Its castle, old town, excellent restaurants, shopping centres, museums and festivals make Edinburgh one of Scotland’s popular tourist destinations.

8. Famous historical sites in Scotland


Scotland is a country with a very ancient history. One of the oldest things in the country is the Fortingall Yew tree, which is estimated to be around 3000 to 9000 years old. One of the highlights of the country is the Meikleour Beech Fence, erected in Perthshire in 1745, measuring 30 m high and 530 m long. This fence is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the highest fence in the world.

Also found in Scotland, the world-famous Calanais Stones form one of the most complete stone circles in England and Europe. It is believed that these were erected in 2900 BC.

9. The national animal of the country is the unicorn


Scotland is a country full of myths and legends. Many people know the country’s most famous monster, Nessie, but no one has ever seen her. But did you know that Scotland’s national animal is the legendary unicorn? It was first used on a Scottish coat of arms in the 12th century and is thought to represent purity, innocence, strength and chivalry.

10. Highlands and their games


Mountains, wetlands, bush lands as far as the eye can see… These places have been the scene of the freedom struggle of the Scots against the English for centuries. In the mountainous regions called Highland, where the clan chiefs retreated in the past, today it is possible to come across those who take peaceful walks in the untouched nature.

Nearly 100 Highland games are held in the country every year. These consist of many different games such as tug-of-war, tree stump throwing and rock hauling.

11. Hogwarts Express


For those who do not want to go hiking, the train can be a good option. The Jacobite Steam Train is better known as the Hogwarts Express. The Harry Potter films introduced the historic train and the rugged beauty of the Highlands to the world.

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